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About Us

In 1992 a group of individuals who owned former Police motorcycles went for a ride out. Many had never met before and nobody knew how many other owners or machines were out there. They had one thing in common - they were all dedicated to the conservation, restoration, presentation and display of such rare machines.
Such was the interest in these machines, the Historic Police Motorcycle Group was formed. One of the Group's aims is to keep a register of ex-police and other emergency machines together with their owners. The machines don't need to be back in full trim to be enlisted.  
Owners and machines are mainly in the UK, but membership extends far beyond.
We're active

The show season has increased from just a few months to almost all of the year. As a group, we can usually find one, if not two, events to display at - right through from April to October. Check out our list of events.
We're storytellers

We have all got a story inside us that we would like to share. The things we did, how we got involved, where we got the bike and of course, the shows that we have been to. In the Spring of each year, a Newsletter is produced where we review some of last years events in stories and photographs and give details of events this year, plus details of some new and old machines.
Right into the Frame

There has to be a photograher in all of us - and with modern techonology it couldn't be easier to share a snap of your pride and joy or the toys of the 'Boys in Blue' where ever you are, even on holiday. That's what we've been doing for years and some of the results are on this site.
A few Bits & Pieces...

Not all our pictures are of a collection of bikes at shows. The bikes themselves are a collection of components. The trouble is - you may not know the name of what you are looking for, or trying to sell. But there isn't a parts list.
Help is at hand. With our collection of photo's and descriptions we hope you will be able to identify the parts you need.
We wouldn't like you to end up with the wrong radio, for example - because too many do...


Remember that we are enthusists. Some members are ex-police, many are from other fields and most are not experts.
We work from our own experiences, memories and photographs. These are thing that fade over time.
We try to capture and store some of these as we are doing on this site and add some new things on the way.
There are so many things that we would like to show and do and so many laws (and time) prevent us from doing so -
Copyright, Interlectual property, Data Protection, Lighting and Construction Regulations, Impersonation etc.
Therefore, we can't show some photographs or articles. We don't have access to manufacturers records or police records.
We probably can't help in getting a registration back or dating a vehicle any more than you can online.
Also, we don't have any buy/sell/swap pages. There are plenty of places that do that.

Historic Police Motorcycle Group
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